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Clients’ Stories

Former Dwell Clients Share Their Success!


When our foster baby came to us, he was six months old and only sleeping if we were holding him. After two months of switching off on the couch at night, we found you, and you changed our lives!

Literally over night our baby started sleeping in his own crib and only waking 1-2 times a night to eat and would go right back to sleep. He wouldn’t nap during the day unless we were holding him, making it so I never got a break, and his two-year-old sister was wanting more attention than I could give. But with your help and plan, he started sleeping in his crib for naps too! He now falls asleep after we go through his routine, lay him down awake, say goodnight and walk out!! You have given us our sleep back.

Also, our little man was having a hard time meeting developmental milestones and eating before we found you. With your help, we got his feeding more under control, and after we got him sleeping well, he started moving around more, developing, and being more independent. You helped us every step of the way, responded to every message, and encouraged us to keep going when it was hard.  You are incredible and we talk daily of how grateful we are that we found you! Thank you!!

Ashlee S.


Allison's sleep plan was so thorough and amazing. After we talked, she literally didn't wake up once for almost a week! At night, she's been quick to fall asleep for the most part these days, so we lay back for a few minutes, then we're out of there.

The structured bedtime and showing her the plan have helped a ton. Bedtime is between 10-20 minutes now, and it does NOT feel like a hostage negotiation! 

We just loved getting to have a session with you - what a blessing! 

Maddie C.


We are so thankful that we worked with Allison to make this plan. We figured out problem areas that we would have never suspected were problems. We added some things we would have never thought to add. I didn't even know how exhausted we were until we had a little more time to wind down and sleep ourselves! 

We are so grateful for this consult that has completely changed our nights! 

Sarah S.

Goodnight Kiss

I used to have major doubts and negative feelings about sleep training. I was scared and worried it would hurt my baby and make him feel sad and alone. Our son was co-sleeping for all 15 months of his life and we were finally ready for a change. He was waking up between 4-6 times every night, and we were tired of being tired! 

Allison was the biggest blessing to us. She listened, encouraged, and believed in us when we didn’t believe sleep training would work. But we stuck with it, followed her sleep plan, and he did amazing. Our son now goes to sleep happily in his crib on his own and sleeps 12-13 hours at night and 1.5-2 hours at nap time. Allison was so patient, kind and taught us so much. She responded quickly when we had questions or issues come up. I would recommend Allison to literally every parent! I’m so grateful for her!

Erin B.

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