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Sleep is absolutely vital to the health and well-being of children and families. Sleep deprivation contributes to memory issues, mood swings, weakened immunity, and more. If your family is in need of some professional help establishing a routine, getting a child to stay in bed, weaning overnight feedings, or stopping frequent night wakings, it would be an honor to partner with you to make some changes. Bedtime doesn't have to be a battle, and you don't have to navigate this alone. Stop guessing, and let's make a plan together that works! My passion is to see families thrive - and it starts here!

Tell Me: Consultation + Summary Only

$69 (30 minutes) or $119 (60 minutes)

This package is perfect for the more experienced parent who is navigating a minor issue or the budget-concious family who is comfortable with a more DIY approach.

Issues addressed here could be a nap transition, a sleep regression, breaking minor sleep onset associations, night weaning, or issues concerning travel. Parents may book either a 30-minute or 60-minute time slot depending on their needs and an emailed summary of the call is included.

Teach Me: Consultation + 7 or 14 Day Support

$179 (7 Days) $249 (14 Days)

MOST POPULAR! This package is perfect for the new parent or for parents needing to dive into a true sleep training program for their child or needs to make bigger changes. We will tackle issues like bedtime resistance, teaching independent sleep initiation, and establishing schedules.

A customized sleep plan, shared sleep log, and either 7 or 14 day daily text support with Allison is included.

Walk With Me: Consultation + 30 Day Support


This PREMIUM plan is for parents looking to make big changes in their child's sleep with multiple issues involved. The child may be transitioning away from co-sleeping, moving into their own room, or be learning independent sleep initiation for the first time as a toddler or beyond. This package includes an initial consultation, customized sleep plan, 30 days of text support, and a 30-minute check in call halfway through the month.

Foster Parent Consultation

$89 (45 minutes)

This 45-minute consultation is for currently licensed foster families to discuss the sleep needs of a foster child currently in their home with an active foster case. Appropriate for kids ages 0-18. During this call, we will create a trauma-informed sleep plan for your foster child that takes into consideration his or her history, the trajectory of the case, and their attachment. Brief notes will be emailed to the caregiver following the call.

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Small Group Foster/Adoptive Parent Coaching: 30 Day Support


NEW! During the month of April, Allison will be piloting a new small group coaching program for foster/adoptive/kinship families.

Group access will include her online course, twice weekly recorded group calls (one content-focused and one an open Q+A), daily group posts, and the community support of parents walking through the unique calling of foster care and adoption right alongside you. Content covered includes sleep science foundations, trauma-informed bedtime solutions and methods for teaching independent sleep, increasing felt safety, and navigating parasomnias. 

Registration link coming soon!

In-Home Consultation

Starts at $349

For Dallas/Forth Worth locals only!

Sometimes, you just need someone to come alongside you in your own home and guide you through the sleep training process. An in-home consultation includes an evaluation of the child's sleep space and routines, an hour-long coaching session, and Allison's presence for the first night of the new routine. Depending on the time needed in your home and the travel involved, this package will be customized to your needs and ranges from $349-$599. Email Allison to discuss this option in greater detail. 

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