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For years, I was in your shoes - as we struggled to help our son get the sleep he desperately needed, I found myself googling, reading blogs, and pouring over every sleep consultant's website I could find. And while my research wasn't in vain, what I actually needed was a guide.

My name is Allison Ezell, and I am so happy you found me here! I am a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant from Dallas, Texas. I am a wife and mom with four children currently in my home. We have two biological children, one son we adopted from China in 2016, and have been a foster family since spring 2021.

I help my clients with their family wellness needs by providing the guidance and resources needed to understand the root cause of their children’s sleep issues and develop a personalized plan that works for them. I would love the opportunity to help bring peace back to your bedtime by sharing my sleep expertise!

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About Me: About Me
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