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Holiday Gift Guide: Preschoolers!

Here's your final gift guide, friends - this one is for those super special preschoolers! Here are my top picks for 3-5 year olds. These are things I loved in the Pre-K classroom as a teacher, some of my favorite books for this age, and a few sleep tools as well because you know I had to. :)

Toys and Learning Aids:

  1. Little Tikes Outdoor Playhouse

  2. Found It! Card Game

  3. Backyard Roller Coaster

  4. Construction Toys with Drill

  5. Learning Resources Cash Register with Money

  6. Farmer's Market Set

  7. Magnetic Tiles

  8. Superhero Capes and Masks Set

  9. Take Apart Toys - Retro Vehicles

  10. Diverse Baby Dolls Set

  11. Playdoh Play and Store Table

  12. LED Writing Tablet

Books and Sleep Tools:

  1. The Day the Crayons Quit

  2. If You Take a Mouse to the Movies

  3. The Book with No Pictures

  4. I'm a Frog

  5. Stoplight Clock

  6. Animal Nightlight

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