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Dwell Pediatric Sleep

A lot of people struggle to help their child get the sleep they need. I help exhausted families get the rest they deserve with customized sleep plans and one-to-one consultations so they can thrive. You don't have to navigate this alone.

With a special passion for helping foster and adoptive families, Dwell Pediatric Sleep wants to help you provide hope and healing for all children - no matter where they got their start in life! 


My Services

Sleep is absolutely vital to the health and well-being of children and families. Sleep deprivation contributes to memory issues, mood swings, weakened immunity, and more. If your family is in need of some professional help establishing a routine, getting a child to stay in bed, weaning feedings, or stopping frequent night wakings, it would be an honor to partner with you to make some changes. Bedtime doesn't have to be a battle, and you don't have to navigate this alone or on Google. Stop guessing, and let's make a plan together that works! My passion is to see families thrive, and it starts here.

Therapy Session

Initial Consultation


Not everyone has the same goals or life circumstances. In fact, it’s hard to find two people who benefit from the exact same plan for their family! Let’s get to know each other, discuss your child’s history, set some goals, and create an initial plan for your family. A written summary of our plan and notes from the call will be emailed to the client, and we can schedule any necessary follow-ups from there.


Quick Troubleshoot


Quick Troubleshoot calls are perfect for minor questions such as nap transitions, travel questions, night weaning, and issues that won’t need a comprehensive plan and follow-up. These calls are capped at 30 minutes.


Foster/Adoption Premium Support


For foster or adoptive families who need long-term support, this package includes bi-weekly support calls (30 minutes each) and text/email support as needed. Initial consult call must be completed prior to package purchase. 




After our Initial Consultation, clients may book follow-up calls as needed for continuing support and troubleshooting. These are 15-minute calls and scheduled as needed.

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