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Let's Take Back Bedtime!

Dwell Pediatric Sleep

A lot of people struggle to help their child get the sleep they need. I help exhausted families get the rest they deserve with customized sleep plans and one-to-one consultations so they can thrive. You don't have to navigate this alone.

With a special passion for helping foster and adoptive families, Dwell Pediatric Sleep wants to help you provide hope and healing for all children - no matter where they got their start in life! 

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Sleep is absolutely vital to the health and well-being of children and families. Sleep deprivation contributes to memory issues, mood swings, weakened immunity, and more. If your family is in need of some professional help establishing a routine, getting a child to stay in bed, weaning feedings, or stopping frequent night wakings, it would be an honor to partner with you to make some changes. Bedtime doesn't have to be a battle, and you don't have to navigate this alone or on Google. Stop guessing, and let's make a plan together that works! My passion is to see families thrive, and it starts here.


Tell Me: Consultation + Summary Only

$59 (30 mins) or $99 (60 mins)

The "Tell Me" consultation is perfect for someone who is looking for guidance and a plan but doesn't need a lot of troubleshooting and extra support after the call. This is perfect for the parent who has a pretty good grasp of healthy sleep fundamentals, has a decent routine in place, but is looking for a plan for teaching independent sleep initiation or has a more minor issue to correct. Parents can choose between a 30-minute consultation or 60-minute, depending on the number of questions they have and their specific situation. Email summary included.


Teach Me: Consultation + Plan + Text Follow-Up  (14-day support)


The "teach me" package is my most popular package and perfect for clients who are looking for frequent check-ins and reassurance while executing the sleep plan. After the initial intake and consultation, clients will receive a detailed sleep plan for their child and a minimum of five text or email check-ins from the consultant as the plan is implemented. This is a perfect plan for teaching independent sleep initiation for the first time or for foster/adoptive families who need support implementing structure.


Walk With Me: Consultation + Plan + 2 Follow-Up Calls (30-day support)


The "walk with me" premium support package includes an intake form, sleep log, initial 60-minute call, two 15-minute follow-up calls, and a minimum of 10 text/email contacts over the course of 30 days. This package is perfect for the family needing to make big changes - such as moving a child to his or her own room, ending co-sleeping, or breaking major crutches like nursing or rocking to sleep. This is also ideal for the first-time parent looking for support after the newborn period as routines, schedules, and independent sleep skillls are introduced.


Established Client Follow-Ups


Because sleep isn't linear and is ever-changing throughout the seasons of your child's life, there may come a time after your initial support window where you need to schedule a quick call or troubleshoot a new issue. For established clients who have previously purchased a package, these can be scheduled as requested for 15 minutes ($25) or 30 minutes ($49) at any time following the completion of your package. These calls are ideal for nap transitions, troubleshooting travel issues, night-weaning, daylight savings questions, and more.

Sleepy Baby

Newborn Guide


This is the guide I wish someone had created for me before I went home with a newborn. Topics include newborn sleep expectations, soothing, extending those short naps, and special considerations such as preventing plagiocephaly, colic/reflux, and a few notes on newborns from a traumatic background. 

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